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Participate in this cultural revolution and build a Heritage Map of India with us. Your contribution will always remain credited to you. Additionally, an e-certificate from ILF will come your way. Your biggest reward will be the goodwill that you generate from countless heritage enthusiasts and travelers, on their road to your discovery! Know that by participating you are impacting the lives and livelihoods of those who live around these historic sites.

Participation in this challenge is easy. You will need to come to this page twice, first to read instructions and the next to upload your findings and challenge others. The section to challenge others will only open at midnight on 17th April but should you wish to upload your discoveries before you can always do so.

For group & institutional participation and for collaborations please email us at

Follow the instructions below and surprise us with YOUR HISTORIC FIND!

  1. Use the READ INSTRUCTIONS button
    • To tune your phone so it can capture and send to us GPS Location settings along with the pictures you will take for this challenge. (Very Important)
    • Learn how to take better pictures and 360° panoramas so we can together make a great map.
  2. We have a list of some historic sites from across India ready for you (wherever data was available!)
    Do select and decide how many historic sites you would like to contribute to this challenge. Alternately be an Explorer and discover for us sites not on our lists. There are an estimated 100,000 and more such sites.
  3. Return to our website to upload your images (maximum 3 per site) and 360-degree panoramas (optional & maximum 3 per site) and provide data to create your DOT on the Map. Those submitting over 5 entries can email us at for bulk upload options.

    Compulsory submission requirements
    • Name of the Site (do take care of the spelling)
    • Year or Century it was built or checkbox Unknown
    • Ownership - ASI / State Protected / General
    • Category - fort, cenotaph, tomb, step-well etc.
    • Private / Open to public
    • Visiting Hours

    • Optional submission requirements (2000 characters) to become an Expert!

      Submit a rich description from the fields below and place yourself among our ILF Experts. As an ILF Expert, your thoughts, fully credited to you, will find their way into India Lost and Found social media channels. You may even get published!
    • Folklore, mythological stories about the site
    • Thoughts on the architecture, design, history, geography, conservation of the site
    • Thoughts on art, crafts, cuisine, culture, textiles, fashions of the times
  4. The person uploading the image submits that the copyright in the said images belongs to him by virtue of being the photographer of the said image or by way of an authorised assignment deed assigning the right.
  5. You will be giving us the permission to use the submitted image for the purposes of usage on The Heritage Map of India (either on the digital map or in the form of an mobile application) and on Google Maps. The said submitted image maybe cropped or digitally altered for such usage.
  6. Win Prizes - ₹1,50,000
    • Best three photographs
    • Best three 360° panoramas
    • Best three for the most comprehensive data
    • Top three participants - number of submissions
    • Surprise Award - top participant
  7. Get an ILF Certificate!
    All participants receive an ILF certificate.
    • Platinum Certificate with Explorer Badge for Unlisted sites
    • Platinum Certificate historic sites shown in the General listings on the website
    • Gold Certificate for State Protected monuments
    • Silver Certificate for ASI monuments (only the first 3 entries per site will be eligible)
  8. Dates to remember
    • 18th Mar to 18th Apr – Explore, Discover, Photograph, Collect Data!
    • 18th Mar to 30th June – Upload Data to Win Prizes
    • 18th Apr onwards– Challenge 3 friends on World Heritage Day to discover more sites on social media

Our website remains open for further submissions till 2020

Mark Heritage on a Map for Eternity!